Initial physician evaluation is free of charge.  If you qualify, payment is required for an OMMA physician recommendation form to be completed.

Service levels:

Comprehensive evaluation/recommendation $149

This evaluation is appropriate for the following patients:

Those with complex medical histories such as multiple chronic conditions and/or multiple medications

Those who are very new to medical marijuana and will need significant guidance on best use for their condition

Those requiring assistance with completing their submission to the state for their card

Basic evaluation/ recommendation $99

This evaluation is appropriate for the following patients:

Those with more straightforward medical issues and limited ongoing medications

Those with experience/knowledge of medical marijuana needing less physician guidance

Those not needing assistance to complete submission to the state for their card 

Telemedicine  evaluation/ recommendation $129

Unable to make it to the clinic?  We now offer telemedicine!  Just book an appointment and we will send you a link and you can meet with Dr Steve from your home.  We then email your recommendation to you ready to upload.   Some limitations apply- no free coffee and snacks from our waiting room and you won’t get to meet Dr Keeley. 

Follow-up appointments are $49.  Follow-up and maintaining a relationship are important to us.  If you follow-up at least once each year (two appointments) your renewal is free!


Tuesday Dice Roll Special

                                                                                                                   Just for fun, any Tuesday visit gets to roll the dice. 
                                                                                                                      If you roll 3-9 you get $10 off.  Roll 10,11,12 and get $20 off.  Roll snake eyes and it is free!!!! 


Unfortunately, because of frequent no-shows which would force us to raise everyone’s cost, we had had to institute a $25 no-show fee if your appointment is not attended or rescheduled at least 3 hours prior to allow others to use the spot.  Please let us know at 405 212 2213 or

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